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Know The Code - Project 168

WVU Know the Code

West Virginia University requires all students to act as responsible citizens and members of our community. Each student is responsible to know, observe, abide by, and adhere to the Universities Student Code of Conduct, policies, rules, and regulations. The Code also includes many ways in which WVU supports students in times of crisis or through the Student Conduct Process.

Utilize this online module to familiarize yourself with The Code of Conduct and learn about ways you can continue to be a responsible West Virginia University community member. The best way to do this is to “Know the Code”.

Know the Code Directions: Know the Code Directions: Complete each module below. After reviewing all videos and documents you will complete the “Know the Code: Knowledge Check”. Once you complete the Knowledge Check, you will submit a screenshot of your results to Project 168 through the WVU Engage Path for Project 168 credit for Community Standards and Student Responsibility. If you have any questions, please reach out to Project 168 at

Step #1: Locate the Code of Conduct and Review

The Code of Student Conduct is located on the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Website. Review the Code, prohibited conduct, and possible sanctions if there is a conduct violation, below.

Review: The Code of Conduct

Review: Prohibited Conduct

Review: Possible Sanctions

Step #2: Student Rights in the Code of Conduct

If it is reasonable to believe that a violation of the Campus Student Code has occurred, students will be notified and asked to meet with a member of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Watch this short video to learn about your Rights and Responsibilities in the conduct process.

Watch: Rights and Responsibilities Video

Step #3: Medical Amnesty

Any student or student organization who, in good faith and in a timely manner, seeks emergency medical assistance for a person who reasonably appears to be experiencing an overdose from alcohol or drugs may not be held responsible for a violation of prohibited alcohol or drug related conduct. Watch this video to learn about the requirements to qualify for Medical Amnesty.

Watch: Medical Amnesty Video

Step #4: Board of Governor’s Rule 1.6 and Title IX

Board of Governors Rule 1.6 and Title IX determine how WVU will address incidents of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking, and retaliation. Watch this video and review your rights under BOG Rule 1.6 and Title IX.

Watch: Rule 1.6 and Title IX Video

Review: Student Rights – BOG Rule 1.6 and Title IX

Know the Code: Knowledge Check

Check Your Knowledge!

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