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Record Requests

At WVU a student’s disciplinary record is created and retained in the student’s or student organization’s disciplinary file in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities when a student is found responsible for a violation of the Campus Student Code of Conduct. Our office will only share information with an external party when we have received a document showing written consent from the student. Information provided will be given upon request and materials related to the requests may be distributed. Incident Reports, Outcome Letters and Overviews can be provided as part of the request.

If you are an investigator or other third-party requesting access to a student’s disciplinary record, please call (304-283-8111) or email our office at If you are a student and need a transfer clearance request completed, a college report, etc. please reach out to our email or phone number listed above. We take requests by email, by phone or appointment only. Any written consent forms can be sent to the email above. Please note that requests will be addressed in a timely manner, and we appreciate your understanding.

WVU OSRR Disciplinary Records FAQs:

How long are student disciplinary records retained?

Student Disciplinary records are retained for seven years from the time the outcome was rendered except incidents that result in suspension and/or expulsion.

Will anything appear on my transcripts?

A notation will be added to your transcript only if you have been suspended or expelled through our disciplinary process.

What if I want to share my disciplinary record with someone?

Students who wish to share disciplinary information with another individual and/or allow a representative from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to discuss their case with another individual (such as a potential employer or guardian) will need to complete a “Consent to Disclose/FERPA Form”. This form can be found on our website under the tab “Forms”.

Who might ask for my disciplinary records?

Students may be asked about their disciplinary record on multiple occasions as part of their employment or education. The most common record requests we receive are from Abroad Programs, Federal Government Agencies and Organizations, Transfer Requests and The State Bar for Attorneys.

How can I obtain my own disciplinary records?

If you are interested in obtaining your own disciplinary records, reach out to our office either by phone (304-293-8111) or by email A staff member from our office will be able to assist you.

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