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Where Can My Student Find the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities?

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
660 North High Street (Morgan House)
P.O. Box 6430
Morgantown, WV 26506-6430


Is Student Conduct Confidential? Can I Be Involved?

Student Conduct Records are information that is protected from disclosure pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( FERPA). Information about a student's involvement in the Student Conduct Process is not released, except upon receiving written permission from the student.

It is understandable that you wish to be involved when your student is meeting with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If your student wishes for you to be involved in their conduct meeting(s), the student must send written consent to the Student Conduct Administrator they are working with. Your student can complete the Consent to Disclose Form online. 

Parents can call and speak with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and we can answer questions about the Student Conduct Process generally but we cannot answer questions about your students record without a signed consent form.


The CARE (Collaboration, Assessment, Response, Engagement) Team addresses and helps at-risk students obtain the needed supports and assistance to be successful at WVU.

Anyone can report concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening behaviors to the CARE Team. Please include all pertinent information pertaining to the student’s behavior of concern, including any documentation that may be relevant.

Make a CARE Referral

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services at West Virginia University provides advice, counseling, education, and representation to students to assist them in resolving legal issues.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center offers academic support for WVU students. Tutoring is available in several different subjects and locations.

Student Advocacy Center

The Student Advocacy Center assists students with non-academic questions and concerns and to make the proper referrals when necessary. Cut through red tape by finding answers concerning campus policies and procedures. The Student HelpLine number is 304-293-5555.

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services (SSS)/TRIO program provides individualized services to students who are either first-generation, income eligible, or have a learning or physical disability.

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