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BOG Rule 1.6 and Title IX Process

Board of Governors Rule 1.6 and Title IX determine how WVU will address incidents of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking and retaliation.


BOG Rule 1.6 and Title IX Conduct Process

Rule 1.6 Hearing Guide

Utilize this guide to learn important information about the Rule 1.6 hearing process.

Student Conduct Rule 1.6 Guide (pdf)


Title IX Appeals

The Title IX Appeal Process can be reviewed in  Section 12 of the Code of Student Conduct. Both parties may appeal in the Title IX Appeal Process. 

Rule 1.6 Decision Appeals

Students you receive an outcome letter after a 1.6 related decision is made may appeal the decision and/or the imposed sanction within five (5) calendar days from the date that the Outcome Letter is sent. The entire Appeal Process can be reviewed in section 10 of the Campus Student Code. You can also learn how to appeal with our instructional Appeal Process video.

Utilize this Appeal Letter Template to write your appeal letter for a Title IX or Rule 1.6 decision. 

Reasons For Appeal of a BOG 1.6 / Title IX Violation:

  • Procedural irregularity that affected outcome of the matter

  • New evidence that could affect the outcome of the matter

  • Conflict of interest or bias that affected the outcome of the matter.

Know the Code: Rule 1.6 and Title IX 

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