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BOG Rule 1.6 and Title IX Process Flowchart

Title IX and BOG Rule 1.6 Process

Getting Started

  1. Complaint received by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  2. Title IX Coordinator determines if it meets Title IX standards. 
  3. If the complaint meets Title IX standards, Title IX coordinator provides supportive measures. If the complaint does not meet Title IX standards, proceed via Rule 1.6.

Title IX coordinator provides supportive measures

  1. Written Notice to parties
  2. Dismissal or Investigation begins
  3. If investigation begins, then either dismissal can occur or a possible informal resolution.
  4. Opportunity to review draft investigation report (10 days)
  5. Charge
  6. Agreed Resolution or Hearing

Proceed via Rule 1.6

  1. Supportive measures
  2. Investigation begins
  3. Possible informal resolution
  4. Review Report


  1. Mandatory discretionary
  2. Can be appealed


  1. Outcome letter
  2. Appeal

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