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Parent and Family FAQ

1. What is the purpose of the Campus Student Code and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities?

A: The Campus Student Code establishes the written rules, regulations, and procedures concerning student conduct and discipline for the main campus of West Virginia University by authority of the Board of Governors Rule 6.1. The Code applies to all students associated with the main campus of West Virginia University under the authority of the West Virginia University Board of Governors. The professional staff members of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will serve as the Student Code Administrators for the main campus of the University and will be available to assist any student, student organization, staff member, faculty member, or administrator in understanding and applying the Campus Student Code. See Section 4 of the Campus Student Code for more information on Student Code Administrators.

2. What are some of the sanctions commonly assigned for Campus Student Code violations?

A: The sanctions are developed with consideration of the individual circumstances of the case, the student’s prior disciplinary history, if any, the impact that the sanctions will have on the student’s situation, their educational record, and any other relevant information that the Hearing Adjudicator deems useful.

3. How can my student make sure they are not in violation of the Campus Student Code?

A: Students are advised to acquaint themselves with the Campus Student Code and with the rules and regulations associated with University housing.

4. Can I accompany my student to a discipline conference with Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities?

A: You can accompany your student to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities the day of the hearing, but you are not permitted to attend the hearing.

5. How can I best support my student through this process?

A: The best way to respond to your student is to be supportive while encouraging them to accept accountability for their decisions and their actions. You may want to encourage your student to seek any and all resources at West Virginia University that may be helpful to them.

6. Can students be held accountable to the Campus Student Code if they are not found guilty in court?

A: Yes. The Campus Student Code is independent of any criminal process. There are significant differences between the criminal process and the student conduct process, but they are not mutually exclusive. If a student is arrested and charged in a criminal proceeding, that student can also be charged under the Campus Student Code. However, there are many charges under the Campus Student Code that do not rise to criminal behavior.

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